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Parallel Energy Fund

The Simmons Parallel Energy Fund is a private equity co-investment fund managed by Parallel General Partner Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Simmons & Company International Limited, based in Guernsey.  Simmons & Company International Limited provides portfolio management services.  The Fund invests, alongside other investors, in European-headquartered energy businesses and targets three main energy sectors:

  • Oilfield services and technology
  • Development and opportunities without exploration
  • Technologies that enable alternative energy

The current fund commitment is approximately €50 million in capital, which is used to invest in new opportunities and also to support the growth of its portfolio companies throughout the life of the investment.

Our Investment Strategy

The fund is focused on buy-out and growth capital opportunities through minority co-investments in private companies and private placements for publicly listed stocks in Europe and the Eastern Hemisphere with independent investors, industry investors and private equity firms.

Our sector knowledge and relationships enable us to:

  • Interpret market fundamentals to identify particularly attractive sub-sectors and opportunities of interest
  • Focus on the key investment opportunities
  • Provide the sector-relevant insight to its investment committee, co-investors and portfolio companies.

In addition to strong growth prospects, our investment sourcing aims to identify companies that have some of the following distinguishing characteristics:

Management Teams

We seek experienced and committed management teams with a demonstrable track record.

Established Market

Energy service investments will have a presence in an established and growing market or the ability to displace/substitute an existing offering.

Enabling Technology

Technology companies will only be backed where there is a high potential, defendable core technology or intellectual property of which the investee company has clear ownership.

Buy-Out and Growth Capital

Targets must have strong stable presence in their sector with solid business expansion plans and growth potential.

Risk Management

Oil & Gas development and production activities will have verifiable proven reserves and a development/monetization plan in place. Investments will not be made into pure exploration companies.

Exit Prospects

Investments in businesses that have more than one possible exit route through trade sale, secondary buy out or IPO within 3-5 years of original investment.

Portfolio Companies

Electro-flow Controls Group Limited

EFC Group is a global provider of drilling and marine instrumentation products predominately to the rig updgrade market. It also provides product guidance systems and onshore, subsea, nuclear and renewables handling and lifting.

Red Spider Technology Limited

RST is a downhole technology company that provides tools and engineers to the well intervention and completions market.

Flexlife Group Limited

Flexlife provides integrity management and engineering services for flexibl risers and pipelines and also provides subsea engineering and project management services.

Xodus Group Limited

Xodus is one of the largest private energy consultancies, providing integrated engineering services throughout the lifecycle of energy assets.

Glacier Energy Services Holdings Limited

Formerly the energy services division of MB Aerospace Holdings, Glacier provides precision on-site portable cutting machines as well as welding services to the oil and gas industry.